Companies worldwide have successfully utilized the innovative and dynamic
experience of Drumming Playshops for the past 30 years.

Imagine integrating your company vision with interactive team building and leadership processes that promote leadership, motivation, cooperation, communication, fun and high performance results that bring enthusiastic cultural shifts.

Everyone gets an instrument to express themselves and experience breakthroughs of confidence, creativity and collaborative conversation for proven ROI.

  • Reduces Stress by 20.7%
  • Decreases Fatigue by 17.1%
  • Increases productivity by 6.3%
  • Increases vigor/activity by 6.4%
  • Reduces employee turnover by 18.3%
  • Improves mood by 50%

    Based on published studies as reported by Dr. Barry Bittman, et al 2003

These Drumming protocols have also been scientifically researched to build the immune system, reduce turnover and burn-out, reduce stress, and create employee wellness, within the organization. Those who join together experience the heartbeat of their corporate mission for accelerated profits.

Pentair logo

We were so happy that 79 employees participated. This far exceeded our expectations. You really brought a new element to our employees’ lives and we hope they will continue to practice some of the stress management tools you provided them.

Byrnnye Wangara
Human Resources Administrative Associate
Redwood City, CA


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As I watched Dani play with our elderly, I was pleasantly inspired by their ability to remember names and come together as one in their own ways.

Jagruti Paleja
Personal Expressions Manager
Pleasant Hill, CA



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Wow! All the therapists started out shy and quiet, unsure and reserved, but by the end, everyone was laughing, drumming on each other’s drums, loud and playful. Dani is an inspiration for us all to give to ourselves so we can more fully give to others.

Robin Gavoor
Center for Nonviolent Community
Sonora, CA




We all love Dani and her inspiration and intuition that guides the drum circles to the exact place we all need to be so we can be the very best we can be.

Spiritual Center for Positive Living
Cameron Park, CA


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It was an amazing experience to see so many who have never participated in any event be so engaged with the drumming. The entire staff flocked into the room when they heard all the participants drumming together as one, connected and in rhythm. It is about time that science and drumming are on the same page. It is so needed!

Koya Andrews
Community Liason
Center for Behavioral Health


UCB logo

We could really see the difference in how each department seemed to communicate more fully. It was a great experience and a very needed energy boost for the entire department!

Civil and Environmental Engineering



Brilliant Ink

Our team building session with Dani was a perfect way to end our day long planning session. My team loved it and I could really see how well we communicate and where we could definitely do even better. What a great way to build the energy of our visions!

Liz Kelly
Brilliant Ink


Other Locations where we have facilitated our life changing Drumming Playshops:

Unity Church – Walnut Creek
Essence of Life Healing Studio – Benicia, CA