Dani facilitating group drumming session

Personalized Events to Support Your Company!

Everyone gets an instrument to express themselves to experience breakthroughs of confidence, stress reduction, creativity and collaborative conversation for proven ROI.

Inspire and Motivate

Give your management teams an eye opening experience that will inspire and motivate them; show them how to encourage higher productivity in their teams while establishing a sense of community and belonging.

Drum circles are quickly catching on throughout the world for the same reasons they flourished thousands of years ago. This fascinating activity engenders a sense of personal and group worth through self-expression, sharing, and contributing to the whole. Creating a living metaphor that enhances rapport and cooperation.

Assisting staff members to see beyond the tension in any situation through innovative processes allows them the ability to foster personal empowerment.

Individuals that have trained with Rhythms for Success report impressive improvements in collaborative work relationships with less stress and conflict and a
40 – 100% reduction in pain and/or stress in their personal and professional lives after the experience which allowed them to be more inspired and productive at work. Upper management testimonials note that communication with middle management improved and productivity increased measurably to solidify their company’s vision.

Develop Leaders for Your Company

Companies worldwide have successfully utilized innovative and dynamic drumming Workshops for the past 20 years to develop leadership skills, promote understanding, improve communications within the organization and join together to experience the heartbeat of their corporate mission.

Make the Improvement: Co-workers to Colleagues

Increase the Ability to:

  • Integrate your company vision with interactive teambuilding and leadership experiences
  • Promote motivation, fun and increased performance
  • Increase collaborative communication
  • Bring enthusiastic cultural shifts through research-based Drumming Playshops

Experience Measurable Improvements
Each participant has the opportunity to experience breakthroughs in confidence, stress reduction, creativity and collaborative conversation for proven ROI.

Playshops have proven to:

Reduce Stress by 20.7% Decrease Fatigue by 17.1%
Increase productivity by 6.3% Increase vigor/activity by 6.4%
Reduce employee turnover by 18.3% Improve mood by 50%
Based on published studies as reported by Dr. Barry Bittman, et al 2003

Corporate and Medical Adoption

Corporations have implemented these Workshops to improve staff’s responses in various areas:

Verizon (teambuilding)
Toyota (conflict resolution)
The Department of Defense (PTSD)
Kaiser Permanente (reduce burnout, speed patient recovery)
Children’s Hospital (reduce stress & burnout and speed patient recovery)

Apple, FEDEX Kinko’s, Motorola, McDonalds, IBM, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, Exxon Mobile, World Bank and Sony  have positioned themselves as leaders in their industries through the use of these innovative strategies that create overall strength in the company’s performance and structure, as well as for the enhanced benefits to their employees.

Experienced Coach to Guide You

As a Corporate Communications Empowerment Coach, with 25 years of experience as well as eight years of teaching experience, Dani Burling is positioned on the frontier of science taking an outside-the-box approach to employee efficiency. Re-establishing the pulse of your company motivates and inspires everyone from entry level to upper management by using the knowledge gained from the research, grants and corporations already engaged in the “Playshop” experience.


UC Berkeley – Berkeley, CA – February 25, 2014

Pentair Corporation – Menlo Park, CA – May 15, 2014

Dragonfairy – Stockton, CA - June 6, 2014

Lifetime Wellness Center – Pleasant Hill, CA – June 7, 2014
Unity Church – Walnut Creek, CA – June 11, 2014; August 13; September 10; October 8; November 12; December 10, 2014
Behavioral Health Services – Sonora, CA – June 13, 2014

Intrinsic Elements – Modesto, CA – July 1, 2014
Chateau III Assisted Living – Pleasant Hill, CA – July 2, 2014