Dani BurlingDani Burling, Corporate Communication Coach

As a Corporate Communication Coach and Self-Empowerment Trainer, Dani Burling brings 25 years of experience using research based, proven methods to integrate team building, sales, productivity, motivation and leadership with your company vision. She facilitates the results that each department manager envisions within their infrastructure for como tener una tarjeta de crédito communication and cohesiveness that produces fast paced, uplifting and energetic team work.

Dani has been a master shaman studying with the shamans of Peru for 16 years. She is also the Resident Shaman at both Two Bunch Palms Resort  and Golden Door where she teaches classes and performs private shaman sessions along with her group drumming circles. YourSacredDestiny.com

Training intently with REMO, Inc. (Innovative American Drum and Instrument Company), a renowned leader and innovator in the world drumming movement and their researched based programs:

  • HealthRhythms – An 8-year, evidenced-based (Harvard, Duke, Norway, Mind, Body Wellness Center Meadville, PA) protocol documenting the benefits of reduced stress, burnout and improved immune system function with chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease to name a few.
  • HealthRhythms Intervention Protocol – Research that reveals a progressive discovery and productive way to express and better understand self and others. To expressing musically as part of a group, one discovers a new sense of self-worth and respect for others that often lead to surprising transformations.
  • Arthur Hull-Village Music Circles – With 30 years facilitating with corporations (Apple, IBM, Microsoft, etc.) all over the world, Arthur Hull teaches interactive rhythmical experiences and Facilitation Trainings utilizing a strong foundation of community building values and leadership skills to unify and inspire organizations and communities world wide.
  • Beat the Odds – UCLAs Social and Emotional Skill Building through drumming
  • HCH – Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Mind/Body Trainer at Your Sacred Destiny – teaching for over eight years, to those around the world, Dani facilitates experiences of understanding the mind, emotions and body reactions in daily situations. Her skills create self-confidence and an extreme ability to communicate both by being heard and by listening to achieve the highest possible outcome towards success.

Dani generates high energy teamwork in her customized, interactive programs to maximize stress reduction, communication and personal growth. In her “Playshops,” she creates a focus on the often forgotten human component that is essential to corporate success by offering fun, insightful experiences that reduce stress and overcome conflict. Her methods have benefitted organizations of all types including hospitals, corporations and independent businesses.

Dani’s extensive studies will help you avoid re-inventing the success wheel as she brings all levels of your team together to experience the heartbeat of your organization. She helps your company find the answers that are priceless by bringing your group together to achieve everyone’s desired success.